We take interns all around the year to help us with all our varied activities in the realm of parking. Internships may range from 3-6 months but may not be shorter than 2 months long, so as to ensure a fruitful engagement on both parts. Interns who possess skills in research, writing and design will be preferred to those who lack in the same. We however welcome applications from varied backgrounds and hope that the cross section of our skills cumulatively garners something fruitful.

Internships are not paid, however, in the interim of any time that you work for the (our) Parking Magazine, you will in most probability chance upon a funded project that will enable you to earn some money while working with us. Additionally, we provide you a platform on which to publish your writing, as have our interns in the past, which we hope you will make most proactive use of.

To apply to intern with us, please send us your CV and a brief statement of interest at [email protected].


Fellowships are 6 month long programs offered by the (our) Parking Magazine by which one can avail mentorship to conduct any research remotely connected to the discipline and study of the phenomenon of parking. During this 6 month program, we will have weekly meetings to discuss your research and you will have an opportunity to document and publish your process through a monthly blog article on our magazine’s substack.

To apply to be part of our fellowship program, write to us at [email protected]